Neural nets and numerical PDEs

 Speaker: Zhiqiang Cai (Purdue University)

In this talk, I will present our recent works on neural networks (NNs) and its application in numerical PDEs. The first part of the talk is to use NNs to numerically solve scalar linear and nonlinear hyperbolic conservation laws whose solutions are discontinuous. I will show that the NN-based method for this type of problems has an advantage over the mesh-based methods in terms of the number of degrees of freedom.

The second part of the talk is on our adaptive network enhancement (ANE) method. The ANE method is developed to address a fundamental, open question on how to automatically design an optimal NN architecture for approximating functions and solutions of PDEs within a prescribed accuracy. Moreover, to train the resulting non-convex optimization problem, the ANE method provides a natural process of obtaining a good initialization.

Time: October 22, 2021 2:30pm-3:30pm
Location: Virtually via Zoom
Host: Wolfgang Dahmen