De Giorgi method for kinetic equations

 Speaker: Weiran Sun (Simon Fraser University)

In this talk we explain how to generalize the De Giorgi level-set method for diffusion equations to a framework for kinetic equations with singular kernels. In particular, we use the non-cutoff Boltzmann and the Landau equations as examples to show how the De Giorgi method can be used to prove the existence of \(L^2\cap L^\infty\) solutions in the near-equilibrium regime. The key idea is to make use of the strong averaging lemma to establish a nonlinear iteration for level-set energies which will give a local existence theory. We then extend the time interval to infinity by exploring the spectral structures of the linearized kinetic operators. This talk is based on recent works with Ricardo Alonso, Yoshinori Morimoto, and Tong Yang.

Time: November 5, 2021 2:30pm-3:30pm
Location: Virtually via Zoom
Host: Changhui Tan